Map. History of Sudan conflict

11 May 2021
Protest continues in Khartoum at 9:20pm
Sudanese police spokesman: Some groups took advantage of the situation experienced by the country and looted and robbed a number of citizens in different parts of the capital.
Khartoum: General Command now
Video from Burri tunnel
Peaceful picket in front of army HQ in central Khartoum - protesters singing songs, demanding change of regime
Demonstrations in Al-Amir neighborhood in Al-Abyad city in North Kordofan
The scene at picket at Ministry of Defense at three o'clock Khartoum time on Tuesday (April 9th).
Afternoon picket in Khartoum
Sudanese army spokesman Major General Ahmad Khalifa al-Shami: We will work to disperse the pickets near the army headquarters.
Sudanese army spokesman Major General Ahmed Khalifa al-Shami: The demonstrations may lead the country to a dangerous situation.
Video of protest ongoing at General Command in Khartoum
Medical sources in the Sudanese opposition: 21 dead and 153 injured during attempts to break picket at Ministry of Defense
The United States, Britain and Norway call for the release of all political detainees in Sudan
Britain, the United States and Norway urge the Sudanese authorities and the opposition to act responsible
2 year ago
President of the Sudanese Umma Party Sadiq al-Mahdi calls for handing power to a military leadership, qualified to negotiate with the people
Picket continues in front of the Sudan Armed Forces building
Boy killed in protest in North Kordofan, others wounded. The death sparked a protest march by people in El Obeid
Members of the army flock to the sit-in near Army HQ
2 year ago
EU: We call upon the Sudanese authorities to allow peaceful demonstrations and not to use force against protesters
Khartoum: rebel army member calls other military to join protest too
Members of the Sudan armed forces reassure the demonstrators: We are with you until the government falls
General Officer Mustafa Osman Obeid enters the military HQ compound - where the mass sit in is taking place - and sits on the shoulders of soldiers.
Eyewitnesses: four protesters, including a doctor, were killed during the clashes today in the vicinity of the sit-in in front of the army headquarters in Khartoum
Pro-Bashar militias looted civilians vehicles during the storming of the sit-in of the General Command this morning.
NISS have damaged most of the cars on Nile St by tearing the cars' upholstery and looting the cars.
An officer addresses demonstrators this morning, telling them that they went against military orders to stand with the people.
The army has expelled pro-Bashar security personnel based in front of Kaber bridge and residents of Berri can move towards the General Command.
Pro-Bashar Sudan Security shoots in the air to disperse protesters near the Ministry of Defense
A Sudanese army soldier has been killed this morning while protecting protestors from government security forces, heavy clashes continue in Khartoum
Sudan Doctors Committee: Two demonstrators killed in an attempt to break the sit-in in front of the Sudanese army command this morning
9:19: crowd in Khartoum greeting military on armoured vehicle
Protesters chant (It will fall and we will join the naval forces). (The force of the navy is the most force dealing with the pro-Bashir militias)
Protestors came under fire on the morning in Sudan
Exchange of gunfire now in the vicinity of the General Command
Exchange of gunfire this morning between Sudan army and pro-Bashir forces in front of the General Command building (القيادة العامة للقوات المسلحة) in Khartoum.
Sudanese Military armored vehicles are out, patrolling the streets in Khartoum.
Members of Sudanese National Intelligence and Security Service dressed in Army fatigue using brute force on those cought.
Sporadic clashes continued throughout the morning in Khartoum. Sniper was cought on a building positioned just across Sudanese Military HQ.
The Sudanese army leadership confirms that it will not engage with any political forces
A minute of mourning for the dead who fell in a clash today
Live streaming of protest in Khartoum this morning
The Sudanese Army is responding to an attempt by other security forces to disperse the picket in front of its headquarters in Khartoum
Shooting in Khartoum at army HQ at 5:12
Sudanese security shoots heavily in the vicinity of the sit-in in front of the general command of the army. Sudan
Security forces of Bashar attempted to disperse protesters with live ammunition
Protest at 3:33 in Khartoum
Protesters outside army headquarters in Khartoum chant "The people want to bring down the government." "Just fall." and "Up, up, our Sudan up." April 8, 2019
The songs in the sit-in at the General Command of the armed forces in the capital Khartoum from the masses of the Sudanese people, which calls for the departure of the Bashir regime in Sudan on Monday evening, 8 April 2019
President al-Bashir meets with the leaders of the Sudanese National Security and Intelligence after finishing his meeting with the leaders of the National Congress Party
Sudan - Information Minister denies German agency reports that Bashir is approaching the handover of power to the army
2 year ago
Al-Bashir: Sudanese will cross the current crisis in the country stronger and more cohesive
Khartoum: 60th Street now
Protest this night in Khartoum
Tonight - day three of Sudan's mass sit-in.
Happening now at the General Command in Khartoum, video @haysabun
Rally at General Command
Government spokesman denies Bashir's intention to hand over power to the army.
Sudanese Armed Forces Chief: Armed forces ready to confront anyone who tampering with homeland security
2 year ago
Sudanese opposition forces call the armed forces to receive power in the transitional period
Sudanese opposition staged a massive protest for the third day in front of the Armed Forces Command
Protests of Sudanese people continues now in the front of General Command
A closed session in the Sudanese parliament in the presence of Defense Minister Awad bin Auf to discuss the latest developments
Sudan Central Committee of Physicians: two dead in the Khartoum protests, including a soldier in the army while trying to defend the protesters after an exchange of gunfire with the security forces.
Sudan's opposition doctors committee: Two killed in protests in Khartoum
A sit-in in front of the General Command in Al-Abyad City, following the funeral of Ahmed Safi El-Din.
Sudan Government Antonov An-72 ST-PRK is currently descending for Kyiv Ukraine2 year ago
Sudan Government Antonov An-72 ST-PRK is currently descending for Kyiv Ukraine
Protest ongoing in Khartoum
Bashir directs the dialogue committee to classify all initiatives and deal positively with the transformation industry
Soldiers from Sudan military provide returning fire toward the direction of the General Command site (القيادة العامة للقوات المسلحة) - which can be seen in the background
Crowds walking from the city of Bahri across the bridge towards the capital
Joy in Khartoum as soldiers side with protesters
Khartoum: A scene from the exchange of fire between the army and pro-Bashir gunmen this morning.
Sudan army deploys troops around its Khartoum HQ: witnesses
Video of Security forces (mainly Police) using live ammunition and tear gas to disperse sit-in in front of Military HQ earlier this morning.
Sudanese army forces prevent security forces from breaking the sit-in in front of the Ministry of Defense
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