Map. History of Sudan conflict

20 April 2021
Awad bin Auf: Abdel Fattah Barhan is being appointed as head of the Transitional Military Council
Ben Awf announces the selection of the Inspector General of the Sudanese Army as President of the Presidential Council
President of the transitional military council in Sudan Awad bin Auf: I resigning from my position
Pictures of the demonstration in 
the city of Port Sudan in the state of Red Sea2 year ago
Pictures of the demonstration in the city of Port Sudan in the state of Red Sea
Video and pictures of the demonstration in El Obeid, North Kurdufan
Rally in Kasalla today
Large crowds gathered in the vicinity of the Ministry of Defense complex in central Khartoum
Protesters in the city of Zalingei, Central Darfur State, Sudan2 year ago
Protesters in the city of Zalingei, Central Darfur State, Sudan
3:35, live from Atbara, River Nile State. "The revolution was stolen, Ibnouf does not represent you, he represents Keizan (NCP), we're staying"
Sudan's delegate to the United Nations: I affirm that what is happening in my country is an internal matter that is proceeding with pure Sudanese will.
Pictures of mass rallies in the city of Amruaba, North Kordofan state on Friday, 12 April 2019 rejecting the decisions of the military coup.
Sudan's main protest organizing group rejects announcements made by the transitional military council's political committee: statement
Demonstrators in Sudan raise the flag of the Syrian revolution and chant "Bashir fell and Bashar will fall."
Sudan's military council says two year transitional period is the maximum, if the people come up with a solution before that, even in one month, we'll disband
Transitional Military Council in Sudan: The next Sudanese government will be civilian
Transitional Military Council in Sudan: Armed forces will not deviate from the demands of the protesters
The Transitional Military Council in Sudan: We have no solutions to the deteriorating economic situation in the past 30 years
The United Nations has called on Khartoum to investigate the use of violence against demonstrators since last December
Sudan security sent message yesterday to editors in chief of newspapers informing them that media censorship is lifted "to work with full freedom". Newspapers this morning reflect the decision writing headlines which were unthinkable 48 hrs ago.
A political committee mandated by the Military Council will hold a meeting with the Sudanese political forces this afternoon
40 mins past the curfew and the demo is in full swing
Statement issued by @StateDept on Sudan.
Sudan - Curfew enters into force and protesters refuse to leave
The President of the Military Council, Awad bin Auf, performs the oath before the president of the Sudanese judiciary
US State Department: We applaud the commitment of peaceful demonstrators in Sudan
The moment political prisoners were released from the NISS detention center at Shendi Station.2 year ago
The moment political prisoners were released from the NISS detention center at Shendi Station.
A US-European request for a meeting in the Security Council on developments in Sudan
Altercation between military and NISS inside and in front of military HQ in Medani, Jezira State. 3pm
2 year ago
British Foreign Minister: Sudanese people demanded a real change and the presence of a military council for two years is not the answer
The International Criminal Court calls on Sudanese authorities to extradite Omar al-Bashir in implementation of a UN Security Council resolution.
Saudi Airlines suspended its flights to Khartoum and Port Sudan airports temporarily until further notice
President of the Democratic Unionist Party: We reject the Sudanese Defense Minister's statement
Revolutionaries in the street already shouting "Fell once, will fall twice" 'سقطت_اول_تسقط_تاني in refusal of the Military coup
A leader of the National Congress Party: We call on the Sudanese army to release Bashir immediately
Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We are closely following developments in Sudan and support the choices of the Sudanese people
Demonstrators in front of the Sudanese Armed Forces headquarters now chanting slogans against the army statement
Sudanese opposition party leader Omar al-Dukair announced the continuation of the protests until the realization of the "legitimate demands of the revolution"
Sudanese Defense Minister announces closure of the country's airspace and all crossings "until further notice"
Sudan Activists in response to Sudanese Defense Minister's statement: We adhere to the pickets if the power is not handed over to civilians
Sudanese Defense Minister: Omar Bashir removed from power and arrested, two-year transitional period and a state of emergency for three months to be implemented
Sudanese army announces the removal of Bashir
Sudanese Armed Forces: Council of Ministers and state governments and their legislative councils dissolved
Sudanese Armed Forces: we are suspending Constitution and declaring a state of emergency
Sudan Armed Forces: Security Committee apologizes to the Sudanese people for the killings and acts of violence
Sudanese armed forces: members of the security services lived the same poverty experienced by the Sudanese people
Statement of the Sudanese Armed Forces: We have been following the mismanagement and corruption in the state apparatus for a long time
Vice President and Defense Minister of Sudan Ibn Ouff begins statement
Statement of the General Command of the Sudanese Armed Forces is now live on Sudanese TV
2 year ago
President of the National Front for Change: The decision to overthrow President Bashir was taken last night
Massive protest in El-Obeid, North Kordufan this afternoon.
Video from Atbara showing NISS forces opening fire on civilians
Sudanese navigational sources: Air traffic at Khartoum airport is proceeding normally
AFP: Demonstrators attack the headquarters of the security apparatus in the city of Kassala in eastern Sudan
2 year ago
The Kremlin: What is happening in Sudan is an internal matter and we hope that the situation will return to the constitutional frameworks
Sudan: security officers arrested by army.
Sudanese army will announce the imposition of a curfew starting from midnight Thursday throughout the country
2 year ago
Kremlin: Moscow hopes Russia-Sudan relations will remain firm in Sudan's foreign policy
Pics of #OmarBashir being ripped from streets
Sudanese opposition leaders were released from Kober prison in Khartoum
Sudan consulate in Jeddah: protestors celebrating Bashir's ouster2 year ago
Sudan consulate in Jeddah: protestors celebrating Bashir's ouster
Reported arrests of al-Bashir's brothers and his assistant former oil minister Awad al-Jaz
2 year ago
Detainees in the prisons of the Security and Intelligence in Port Sudan were freed
Soldiers raid headquarters of Bashir's Islamic movement in Khartoum: Reuters
This is what a Sudanese celebration looks like. Buri Rd at the sit-in site in front of the General Command building (القيادة العامة للقوات المسلحة) Khartoum
Demonstrators march towards the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum
Sudan radio and television company personnel is barred from entering the building
Tens of thousands march in the center of the Sudanese capital Khartoum, amid reports that Omar al-Bashir is stepping down
Awad bin Auf(First Vice President of Sudan and Defense minister) and Salah Qosh(Director General of NISS) arrested.
Sudan: Consultations are continuing to form a transitional council
The head of the military junta, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan, arrives at the Sudanese radio and television station
Khartoum: sniper who opened fire was addressed and neutralized
Sniper opened fire near army HQ in Khartoum, there are injures
Gunfire near the headquarters of the army in Khartoum
Sudan's opposition party: We reject any change that does not meet the demands of the people
Political sources in Sudan say soldiers are detaining leaders of the ruling National Congress Party
Journalist Attaf Mohamed Mokhtar: Al-Bashir's plane was banned and returned from the Khartoum airport runway on Wednesday and placed under house arrest.
Sudan: More than 100 political, military and partisan personalities arrested
Khartoum International Airport reportedly closed, Sudan
Sudanese protesters continue to arrive to picket in front of the army headquarters in Khartoum
Army officers have told Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir that he is no longer President of the Republic
Sudan - An attempt to thwart the coup was brought under control
Osman Mirghani: Awad bin Auf is the leader of the coup.
The Sudanese army announces the formation of a transitional council headed by Awad Awnaf
Bodyguards of Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir were arrested
Reports that Bashir is under house arrest
Sudanese army announces the formation of a transitional council headed by the Awad Abnouf
Army is deployed on bridges and main roads in Khartoum
Witnesses: The deployment of troops and armored vehicles around the presidential palace and the prevention of entry or exit. Khartoum
Sudan - Witnesses: Intensive reinforcements in the vicinity of the radio and television building in Omdurman
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