2 August 2021
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: Sentinel-1 satellite images from @esa taken over the dam from 27 June and 9 July shows the increase in water being held back at the dam. This is radar imagery, so the water shows as dark, the land is lighter
Sudan - 6 ministers submitted their resignations to the prime minister, including the finance, foreign, and health ministers
Sudan reshuffle will not affect the entire government, but will be limited to some ministries
Pompeo: We help Sudan move towards democracy
Sudanese Minister of Irrigation: negotiations for the Renaissance Dam will resume in the coming days
Sudanese Minister of Irrigation: The recent preparations for the Renaissance Dam negotiations are ongoing and the African Union is working on preparing a list of African experts in addition to the three observers who work with the negotiating teams
June 30: The Millions March. Crowds are chanting "silmiya" (peaceful). From this morning on Al Wadi Street in Omdurman (أم درمان). Filmed from here: H/T to @taha91143 for مليونيه30يونيو
Sudanese police spokesperson Omar Abdel-Majid to Sky News Arabia: a tight security plan in Khartoum and beyond to prevent the deviation of the protests
Ethiopia envoy to the United Nations: We do not believe that the issue of the Renaissance Dam has a legitimate place in the Security Council today
Sudan's envoy to the United Nations: We call on Ethiopia not to fill the Renaissance Dam before a satisfactory agreement is reached for the three countries
Sudan: Ethiopia must address any negative impacts of the Renaissance Dam
U.S. envoy to the United Nations: The negotiations between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan during the past months confirm the possibility of reaching an agreement on the Renaissance Dam
The Sudanese Prime Minister calls on the demonstrators to express their demands peacefully
Sudan announces a one-week extension of the Coronavirus ban, while allowing a gradual return to work from July 8
1 year ago
Sudan News Agency: Sudanese security forces arrested dozens of people who were on their way to Libya to work as mercenaries
Khartoum today, as someone suggested, feels like a city undergoing a military takeover. They decided to seperate the tripartite city & block the bridges to stem the flow of the protesters planning mass demos on Tuesday. Gov calling marches "celebration", many feel insulted
Attacker identified as Badreddin Abadlla Adam, who stabbed six people including a police officer in Glasgow. Sky News reporting it has obtained further details on him. UK1 year ago
Attacker identified as Badreddin Abadlla Adam, who stabbed six people including a police officer in Glasgow. Sky News reporting it has obtained further details on him. UK
Egypt announces agreement with Ethiopia and Sudan on "Nile Dam" Topic
Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan will agree a deal to fill the giant Nile dam in 2 to 3 weeks: Ethiopia's water minister
1 year ago
Egyptian Presidency: President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi stressed during the African mini-summit on Egypt's openness in order to reach a fair and balanced agreement on the Renaissance Dam
1 year ago
Prime Minister of Sudan: We are authentic parties to the negotiations for the Renaissance Dam, and we stress the need to reach an agreement that preserves the interests of Sudan, Egypt, and Ethiopia
Ethiopian Prime Minister: The transitional government has made tangible progress in Sudan, and it still has many challenges
United Nations Secretary-General: Sudan is a people worthy of solidarity with
Sudan confirms that the time available to reach an agreement on the Renaissance Dam is narrow and critical and calls for working hard to reach a historic moment in the Nile Basin and turning the Renaissance Dam into a catalyst for cooperation rather than a cause of conflict and instability
The Sudanese Foreign Ministry: the border clashes between Sudan and Ethiopia have nothing to do with the Renaissance Dam
Sudanese Minister of Irrigation: Returning to negotiations on the Renaissance Dam requires political will
Sudan is in the process of submitting a memorandum to the Security Council regarding the Renaissance Dam, and it is required to sign an agreement before starting filling the dam
1 year ago
A Sudanese soldier was killed and 4 others were wounded in a new attack by Ethiopian forces on the border between the two countries
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: Ethiopia has the right to benefit from its water resources, and Sudan and Egypt have the right to maintain their water security
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: There is agreement between Sudan, Egypt and Ethiopia on 90% of the points of contention over the Renaissance Dam, in addition to Sudan's complete willingness to bring the points of view between Ethiopia and Egypt
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