10 June 2023
Sudanese Army: We renew our call to the rebel forces to lay down their arms and not to attack civilians
Sudanese army: There are no medical facilities in Shambat camp, and we intervened against forces trying to carry out military operations and looting
Political Adviser to Rapid Support: We have no objection to the armistice
Rapid Support: The raid targeted prisoners of the armed forces, the wounded on both sides, and civilians
Secretary General of the Sudan Doctors Syndicate to Sky News Arabia: 5 Sudanese doctors were killed during the clashes
SAF helicopter targets RSF position around what looks like the republican palace. Fighting seems gathered on Khartoum and Meroe
Khartoum: the sound of heavy artillery around the vicinity of the general command
U.S. secretary of state Blinken confirms that a U.S. embassy diplomatic convoy was fired on by members of the RSF militia in Khartoum. No casualties in this incident
Head of the Sudanese National Umma Party: What is happening in the country will affect the region, and I call on the Sudanese to work together to stop the war
Head of the Sudanese National Umma Party: What is happening in Sudan is a "real war" and the situation is getting more and more inflamed
1 month ago
Port Sudan, Red Sea State: SAF clear main market area to use as a base, fired a huge amount of teargas at citizens
Violent clashes continue around the headquarters of the Sudanese army in Khartoum
3 UN& NGOs staff in Kabkabeya were killed.Confirmed reports stated that they were shot by the RSF. Very alarming news coming from Al Fashir, Genina& Zalingy, where civilians are n hiding inside mosques& churches
The Sudanese Army: The RSF's announcement of its control of the army leadership is just "lies and nonsense"
1 month ago
Journalist from Nyala tells 9 dead up to date and about 27 injured in the city
Sudanese Army Command: The commander of the armed forces is in a safe place
Sudanese TV broadcasts patriotic songs, coinciding with the Rapid Support Agency's announcement of its control
1 month ago
Sudanese Rapid Support Forces: The Egyptian battalion is not considered an enemy and surrendered without resistance
Sudanese Army: Rapid Support Forces infiltrated Khartoum Airport and burned civilian aircraft
1 month ago
The Sudanese army announces its control of Marawi airport and says that the battles will continue in the city
Rapid Support Forces control the radio and television building in Khartoum
Rapid Support Forces announce control of the Marawi base and Khartoum airport1 month ago
Rapid Support Forces announce control of the Marawi base and Khartoum airport
Advisor to the Rapid Support Commander: Our forces were attacked simultaneously in a number of locations while we were in a state of self-defense
Khartoum Airport: after a short lull the artillery and gunshots have increased and louder
A plane was hit at Khartoum Airport
US Ambassador to Sudan: I just arrived late last night in Khartoum and woke up to the deeply disturbing sounds of gunfire and fighting. I am currently sheltering in place with the Embassy team, as Sudanese throughout Khartoum and elsewhere are doing
Sudanese army shelling RSF sites
The Rapid Support Forces in Sudan announce full control of the Republican Palace, the guest house and El-Obeid airport
Fighting continues in/around Khartoum Airport and army HQ - centre of town. Reports of possibly attempts at coup within SAF and pictures of RSF taking over airport
Sudan, Sudanese army spokesman: The situation is calm at the headquarters of the General Command, and the fighting revolves around some strategic facilities. The Rapid Support Forces are being exploited to pass a personal agenda and we will deal with that
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