Map. History of Sudans conflict

18 February 2018
Al-Sisi confirms Egypt's concern about the failure of the technical track related to Al-Nahda dam in Ethiopia
Sudan's security forces arrest a number of students protesting in Khartoum University in the country's capital after a rise in subsidized bread prices sparked wider outrage about inflation
A member of the Al-Arabiya team is detained during a demonstration in Khartoum
Indian peacekeepers rebuild Akoka bridge in South Sudan in record time1 month ago
Indian peacekeepers rebuild Akoka bridge in South Sudan in record time
Sudan officially announces potential security threats from Egypt, Eritrea on eastern borders
Yesterday, Sudan's Chief of General Staff has delivered a message from al-Bashir to the Ethiopian Prime Minister.
President of Eritrea is in Cairo today. Border area Sudan-Eritrea is also tensed at the moment, amid unconfirmed report that Egypt would've sent troops there
1 month ago
The Eritrean president will visit Egypt tomorrow to meet president Abdel Fattah al-Sisi
Sudanese students stone police on third day of bread price protests
1 month ago
Sudanese asylum seeker Munir Mohammed and pharmacist Rowaida El-Hassan have been found guilty of plotting an Islamic State-inspired attack
1 student killed, 1 opposition leader arrested and 6 newspapers seized in Sudan amid fierce protests against bread prices that more than doubled this week after gov't halted grain imports
First death in the protests in Sudan against rising bread prices Al-Zubeir Ahmad Al-Sukairan, a student, was shot by security forces in Geneina in West Darfur province
1 month ago
Tension in Horn of Africa: Sudan closed border with Eritrea yesterday and reportedly deployed troops near border
Ex-commander of "DNR" Girkin: 210 Wagner PMC fighters were killed in Syria in 2017, more than 600 wounded. First PMC fighters were sent to Sudan
1 month ago
Sudan deploys thousands of militiamen on border with Eritrea
1 month ago
Sudanese media reporting Egypt and UAE are backing Eritrea troops that were dispatched to support Darfur rebels in areas near East Sudan borders and that in return Ethiopia sent reinforcements to the border triangle
Sudanese Foreign Ministry summons its ambassador to Cairo for consultation
Reuters citing SUNA agency: Sudan extends ceasefire with rebels through end-March
1 month ago
U.S, Britain warn S.Sudan parties over cease-fire violations
1 month ago
Sudan's President Bashir announces 6-month state of emergency in provinces of Kassala and North Kurdufan
Sudan handed over Suakin Island to Turkey for rebuilding, restoration.1 month ago
Sudan handed over Suakin Island to Turkey for rebuilding, restoration.
Sudanese Foreign Minister: Sudan and Turkey are establishing a strategic partnership in the Red Sea and this is normal
Sudanese Foreign Minister: We are surprised by the reaction of the Egyptian media to Erdogan's visit to Sudan
President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan gifted Turkish president a lion cub1 month ago
President Omar Hassan al-Bashir of Sudan gifted Turkish president a lion cub
1 month ago
Clashes in Koch County between the SPLA and IO-Riek have broken out less than 7 hours since the CoH came into effect. The fighting in ongoing. It started at about 0600 hours. Both sides accuse each other of instigating the fight. South Sudan
South Sudan warring parties agree ceasefire, African Union chair says
Civil war pushing South Sudan closer to starvation
Armed Sudanese Opposition: Improved EU Ties Depend on Bashir's Departure from Power
South Sudan's Kiir promotes three generals facing U.N. sanctions
Local media: Egypt army delegation in South Sudan to discuss training the latter's army