30 November 2023
Vice-President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council: We decided to leave the matter of governance to civilians and that the regular forces devote themselves to performing their national tasks stipulated in the constitution and the law
Vice-President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council: The spread of tribal conflicts and bloodshed and the rising voices of hatred will inevitably lead our country to collapse
1 year ago
Egyptian President: Egypt seeks to find a just solution to the issue of the Renaissance Dam
Kassala State bans all public gatherings and rallies indefinitely, following the attacks on government buildings by protesters in solidarity with the communities in the Blue Nile state, where weekend violence left 65 dead and nearly 200 injured
The Sudanese Security and Defense Council decides to reopen the Galabat border crossing with Ethiopia as of today and to prevent the movement of any armed elements between the two countries
Sudan Chief of Staff Muhammad Othman Al-Hussein: Al-Burhan's decisions came to allow civilians to reach an agreement that leads to a civilian government. The armed forces are keen on the sovereignty of the country and bring it out to safety
The Vice-President of the Sudanese Sovereignty Council denounces the allegations of the "demonization" of the Rapid Support Forces, stressing that they fall under the command of the armed forces
The United Nations and the African Union express their disappointment at the violence and lack of accountability in Sudan
Sudan Doctors' Central Committee: Two protesters were killed in Omdurman
The forces of freedom and change send 16 messages to citizens, regular forces and the international community, and confirm that the June 30 million is not an interrupted event, but will continue to Hussein to bring down the coup.
The Sudanese army: We will respond to Ethiopia, but the timing and style are up to the leadership
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: We condemn in the strongest terms the Ethiopian army's killing of 7 prisoners of Sudanese soldiers and a civilian after they were kidnapped from inside Sudanese territory
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: Sudan will summon its ambassador to Ethiopia immediately for consultations after the killing of seven Sudanese soldiers
Sudanese army spokesman CLAIMS that "the Ethiopian army executed 7 Sudanese soldiers & a citizen who were prisoners of war, and then displayed them to their citizens with all contempt", adding that this criminal act shall not pass without retaliation
Sudan: Vice President Adrob and other leaders announce their disengagement from the Beja glasses
An armed attack on the village of Ajak in West Kordofan has claimed 2 lives and injured 3 people
Protest in Khartoum today
The coup forces heavily fired tear gas at the revolutionaries heading from Bashadar towards the palace
Three armed raped a nurse at gunpoint and assaulted teachers, after storming a clinic in the Abbasiya locality in South Kordofan last week
British Embassy in Khartoum: The political agreement is necessary for food security, civil protection and peacebuilding in Darfur
Protests in Gedarif today rejecting SudanCoup and military rule
Confirmed: Sudan has disrupted mobile internet access for a third day, as authorities limit communications at scale in an attempt to prevent cheating in national school exams; incident duration ~3 hours
Freedom and Change: The dialogue with the Sudanese military component was transparent
The Chairman of the Transitional Sovereignty Council in Sudan addresses the nation
In Sudan: The Supreme Council of Beja Opticals confirms that it will end the sit-in of the state secretariat after the resignation of the governor of the Red Sea
The Sudanese Congress Party Press statement: The joint forces of the armed forces, the police, the rapid support and individuals believed to be affiliated with the security apparatus, during the past few days, carried out security campaigns in the outskirts and south of the capital, Khartoum, under the name of fighting crime.
Silent protest in Damazin, Blue Nile State in solidarity with Mohamed Adam, Ahmed Elfatih and Musaab Elsharif on the first day of their trial.   They have been unlawfully imprisoned since January and falsely accused of killing a police brigadier1 year ago
Silent protest in Damazin, Blue Nile State in solidarity with Mohamed Adam, Ahmed Elfatih and Musaab Elsharif on the first day of their trial. They have been unlawfully imprisoned since January and falsely accused of killing a police brigadier
Sudanese security forces fire tear gas at a protest demonstration heading towards the palace
The Central Committee of Doctors of Sudan: The coup forces fired tear gas in front of the Quality Hospital, which led to suffocation of patients, including critical cases and chronic diseases such as heart and respiratory diseases, as well as suffocation of the medical staff and escorts
Barricades on fire in Kassala this evening, per the city's schedule of nonviolent resistance activities for this week