14 July 2024
Head of the Sudan Liberation Forces Gathering: Our priority is to stop the ongoing war between the army and the Rapid Support Forces
7 month ago
7 people were killed in the Al-Hamra area in North Kordofan as a result of the bombing
Heavy air strikes targeting RSF forces in Jebel Awliya, Khartoum. Clashes between SAF & RSF have been raging in the town since the beginning of the week, including widespread attacks by RSF on civilians (killing, looting of homes)
Battles continued in Jebel Aulia, the city that guards a dam across the Nile, causing mass displacement of citizens towards the White Nile on Sunday. Clashes also continue in Omdurman and El Obeid in North Kordofan
8 month ago
In Sudan: Witnesses report over a 1000 people of the Masalit community were killed in West Darfur last week in attacks by RSF and affiliated militias
Iran president met his counterpart from Sudan today in Riyadh
2 children reported dead (one just 3 days old) after Gedarif police fired teargas into school to forcibly remove IDPs sheltering there
A fire broke out today at Garri Refinery, Khartoum State, which is occupied by the Rapid Support Forces. The army spokesman blamed RSF, saying they sent a tanker to draw fuel "without adhering to safety procedures followed by such sensitive facilities."
Statement of Commitments from Jeddah Talks Between Sudanese Armed Forces and Rapid Support Forces
8 month ago
“The situation in Ardamata has taken a critical turn — for 3rd consecutive day, Himedti’s forces have raided homes & killed civilians without cause”. In what appears to be a vengeful campaign on civilians following handover of base (/area) by SAF
8 month ago
Leader of the Rapid Support Forces: Our forces took control of the army's 15th Infantry Division in El Geneina, West Darfur.
The Civil Forces Coordination in Sudan urges the army and the Rapid Support Forces to reach an agreement to stop the fighting
Agence France-Presse: Washington warns the Rapid Support Forces of the repercussions of an imminent large-scale attack in North Darfur
Sudan: RSF forces have captured the 21st Infantry Division base in the city of Zalingei (Darfur), forcing the SAF to abandon the area. With this capture Zalingei is now the second regional capital to fall into RSF hands in a week8 month ago
Sudan: RSF forces have captured the 21st Infantry Division base in the city of Zalingei (Darfur), forcing the SAF to abandon the area. With this capture Zalingei is now the second regional capital to fall into RSF hands in a week
8 month ago
Sudan's Rapid Support Forces control the Balila oil field in West Kordofan
8 month ago
On a daily basis, the Janjaweed militia bombs residential neighborhoods in Omdurman with the objective of displacing residents
This morning, two shells landed just a few hundred metres from the @MSF supported Al Nao hospital in Omdurman
The US State Department calls on the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan to stop bombing civilian areas
Treasury imposes sanctions on 10 Hamas members and financial facilitators in Gaza and elsewhere including Sudan, Turkey, Algeria and Qatar
Conflicting reports about the situation in Al-Obaid in north Kordofan, fears that the city might be captured by the RSF following the recent fighting there. The city has been besieged several times
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: Agreement with Iran to resume diplomatic relations
Rapid Support Forces shelling the area of Al-Kalakla neighborhood south of Khartoum, where artillery shelling was deliberately carried out on residential places
9 month ago
RSF Paramilitary forces battling the army in Sudan on Friday seized a strategic oil pumping station east of the capital Khartoum, witnesses said
Doctors Without Borders in Sudan: 11 deaths and more than 90 injured in bombing that targeted residential neighborhoods in Omdurman
RSF/Janjaweed stepped up its bombardment of populated areas, with 3 people reported dead today including a girl, due to a militia drone strike at Imtidad Nasir (east Khartoum)
The Rapid Support Forces accuse the Sudanese army of bombing the Ethiopian embassy buildings in Khartoum
Sudanese Sovereignty Council: Al-Burhan directs to end the accumulation of trucks on the border with Egypt within 7 days
Al-Burhan: The Sudanese army is fighting mercenaries from all directions, who were assisted by the Rapid Support Forces
US sanctions entities, individuals "undermining the peace, security, and stability of Sudan"-Ali Karti, Minister of Foreign Affairs under the government of Omar al-Bashir;-GSK Advance Company, a Sudan-based info tech company; -Aviatrade LLC
9 month ago
Armed clashes between Sudan army and RSF in El Geneina area West Darfur