20 July 2024
The commander of the Rapid Support Forces renews his commitment to the ceasefire in Sudan
Sudanese "Progress" coordination to "Al-Sharq": We expect to meet Al-Burhan and Daglo soon, and we have achieved progress on this path
Sudanese "Taqaddam" coordination to "Al-Sharq": Our goal is to reach a single professional national army
Sudanese Minister of Health: Security is the biggest challenge facing the health system and we have great difficulty in delivering medicines to the states of Sudan
The Sudanese Rapid Support Forces express their readiness to negotiate with the army with the aim of an immediate and unconditional cessation of fighting
Statement by the Rapid Support Forces and Coordination of Advances: Forming a national committee to protect civilians led by figures who reject war
RSF announces its acceptance of the release of 451 prisoners through the International Committee of the Red Cross
RSF commander: We extend our hands for peace and ending the war in Sudan
Sudanese military: There is nothing preventing the Sudanese army leadership from meeting with the Civil Forces Coordination headed by Hamdok.
US State Department: Sudan is suffering from one of the largest humanitarian and displacement crises in the world
6 month ago
Hemedti: The Rapid Support Forces entered Al-Jazeera State to protect citizens
Djibouti Foreign Minister: Next week, IGAD will prepare the ground for the Sudanese dialogue and we will host a very important meeting
6 month ago
Doctors Without Borders: We evacuated our employees in Wad Madani to safer places in Sudan and neighboring countries
Sudan Foreign Ministry: Coordination will be made again to hold a meeting with Al-Burhan and Hemedti
Rapid Support: We were informed of the Djibouti meeting and confirmed Hemedti's readiness to attend
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: Al-Burhan expressed his agreement to attend the Djibouti meeting and was preparing to go
Sudanese Foreign Ministry: We regret the rapid support leadership's procrastination in arbitrating the voice of reason
Egyptian Foreign Ministry: We advise citizens not to travel to Sudan under any circumstances at the present time
Adviser to the RSF commander Youssef Ezzat says Hamedti did not order invasion of villages in Sudan's Gezira state. There is an ongoing investigation within RSF who ordered it. Those who terrorized the population will be punished
6 month ago
Rapid Support Forces: We stress that we will not tolerate any violations or atrocities against civilians
Al-Burhan: The fighting must stop, but we will not sign a peace agreement that includes humiliation and humiliation for the Sudanese army and the people
7 month ago
Sudan: An almost complete interruption of communications and Internet services in large parts of Sudan's states, most notably the states of Kordofan and Al-Jazira
7 month ago
Rapid Support says it has taken control of the 2nd Brigade in the city of Al-Hasahisa in Al-Jazira State
7 month ago
Commander of the Rapid Support Forces in Sudan: We will leave the administration of the city of Wad Madani to the notables of the state of Al-Jazira
7 month ago
World Health Organisation: 300,000 displaced people in the Sudanese state of Al-Jazira have been displaced again since the outbreak of clashes
7 month ago
World Health Organisation: Cholera is widespread in half of the states of Sudan
7 month ago
World Health Organisation: There is a horrific increase in the number of displaced people due to the conflict in Sudan
Declaring a curfew in River Nile State from six in the evening until six in the morning
7 month ago
UNICEF: The city of Wad Medani in Sudan receives hundreds of thousands of displaced people and we are working to support those affected
The Sudanese Minister of Health: The epidemiological situation and the rate of spread of diseases have decreased significantly, and the containment of epidemics will be announced soon