1 December 2023
Sudanese army bombed locations of the Rapid Support Forces east and south of Khartoum International Airport
3 month ago
A flight of warplanes and reconnaissance planes of the Sudanese army south of Khartoum
Sudanese army warplanes bombed Rapid Support sites in eastern Nile, east of the capital, Khartoum
Advisor to the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces: Our forces are planning to take control of the headquarters of the Sudanese Armed Forces
Advisor to the Commander of the Rapid Support Forces confirms control of the armored corps in Khartoum
3 month ago
Reports of fighting using heavy weapons near Abushok IDP Camp in Elfashir, North Darfur
Heavy aerial bombardment in the vicinity of the armored corps, with battles raging between the army and the Rapid Support Forces, south of Khartoum
3 month ago
The Sudanese army announces the assassination of Major General Yasser Fadlallah Al-Khidr, commander of the 16th Infantry Division, today, in the city of Nyala
Rapid Support attacks the army's armored corps from the northern side of Khartoum
Violent battles with heavy weapons and artillery near the armored corps in Khartoum between the army and the Rapid Support Forces
3 month ago
Sudanese Army: Our forces were attacked in Kadugli by the Sudan People's Liberation Movement-North and killed 40 of them
The International Organization for Migration: It is estimated that more than a million people have fled Sudan since the outbreak of the conflict in mid-April
United Nations: More than 6 million people in Sudan are on the brink of famine and more than 14 million children need aid
United Nations: Attacking civilians and aid workers and looting humanitarian supplies in Sudan may amount to war crimes
Doctors Without Borders: The most dangerous region in Sudan for us is Khartoum
The Biden administration is seeking $200 million to counter the activities of the Russian Wagner Group and others in African countries
3 month ago
Governor of Darfur: Chadian authorities agreed to open humanitarian corridors for people fleeing fighting in Sudan
3 month ago
Governor of Darfur: The joint forces are now securing more than a thousand kilometers from the White Nile to Darfur
UNICEF: There are many hospitals out of service and the health system in Sudan is on the verge of collapse
Sudanese envoy to the United Nations before the Security Council: There are regional forces that supported the "aggression" in Sudan
The US envoy to the Security Council: There is no acceptable military solution to the conflict in Sudan, and we urge the two parties to stop the bloodshed
Fighting in Omdurman since early morning. Several artillery fired from Khartoum North by RSF have landed on civilian homes in Omdurman. Injuries coming into Al-naw hospital where there is blood shortage for those in need of transfusion
Sudan Doctors Syndicate: 4 civilian casualties as a result of mutual artillery shelling in El-Obeid city
The Sudanese Air Force carries out air raids on sites of the Rapid Support Forces in the "Bari" area, east of Khartoum
The Rapid Support Forces in Sudan talks about repelling a large-scale army attack that targeted its positions in Khartoum North
Sudanese Sovereignty Council: We welcome the outcomes of the summit of Sudan's neighboring countries, which was held today in Cairo
President of the Libyan Presidential Council: The massive displacement from Sudan has affected security in its neighboring countries
President of the Republic of South Sudan: Ending the conflict in Sudan is a priority for its neighboring countries
President of South Sudan: I demand the parties to the conflict in Sudan to cease fire immediately
4 month ago
The United Nations: the bodies of at least 87 Masalit ethnicity were found in a mass grave in West Darfur, Sudan